News and Highlights

We move to Landgut Erdbeerhof

We will move our stable to Landgut Erdbeerhof in Gondelsheim the end of february, to start a training stable for dressage horses and riders.

The beautiful barn includes a big 20x60 indoor Arena, a huge outdoor arena and plenty of fields for the horses.

Our goal will be the training of young horses up to Grand Prix as well as the training of ambitious riders and selling high quality dressage horses.

A big thank you goes to the Deuerer Family, who made it possible for us to start our business at this wonderful place.

Nearly 72% in Göppingen!

With nearly 72% Salazar continues winning in the Göppinger Grand Prix and finishes the season with a personoal high score. The days before he also won the Inter II with more than 70% and was second in the Short Grand Prix.

Salazar wins Grand Prix in Bisingen

The big horse Show in Bisingen every year presents a very special program including jumping, dressage, vaulting and carriage driving.

Salazar was the winner in the Grand Prix on saturday afternoon with nearly 70%.

Bundeschampionate in Warendorf

With the fantastic score of 8,4 FBW Sir Solitär won the qualification in the 6 year old class at this years Bundeschampionat in Warendorf.

In the final he was a little scared about the crowds but still got an 8,0 overall, what was good for an 8th place.


Great success at the dressage festival in Marbach

The huge Marbach dressage festival always has great atmosphere and best conditions for horses and riders.

Especially our Salazar seems to love the dressage Arena in the big Stadium. After a second place in the short Grand Prix he was the big winner in the Grand Prix on sunday afternoon with nearly 70%.

For the 5 and 6 year olds Marbach was the last competition before the Bundeschampionat.

Santo Dottore OLD was two times second in the 5 year old classes always over 8,0, FBW Sir Solitär was second in the qualification and won the final of the 6 year olds with an 8,3.


Santo Dottore becomes Oldenburger champion of 3 year old stallions

With a spectacular performance Santo Dottore by Sir Donnerhall/Rubinstein bred by Günter Lüschen, Wardenburg and owned by SH Sportpferde, Oberderdingen secures the blue and red ribbon at the Oldenburg Championship for 3 year old stallions in Rastede.

With scores of 8,7 and 8,6 he wins both classes and impresses with 9,0 for type and ridability.


Congratulations to breeder and owner, what an outstanding horse!

Diamond Song and Fifth Avenue also qualified for the Bundeschampionat

At the big show in Frankenthal the Diamond Hit son Diamond Song bred by Christiane Olbrich and owned by Christin Lang qualified for the Bundeschampionat of the 5 year old dressage horses. With an overall score of 8,2 he was fourth under Katrin Burger in a high quality group of horses.

Only one week later, also Fifth Avenue by Florencio (bred by Barbara Bettin-Schulze Schleppinghoff) qualified for Warendorf. With an 8,0 and a second place in the class of the 6 year old horses, she got the Ticket for the Bundeschampionat, also ridden by Katrin Burger.  

Beilando qualified to the Bundeschampionat

At his first competition in 2012, the 6 year old Beilando by Belissimo (owned by fam. Staff-Reitzenstein) immediately qualified to the Bundeschampionat for the 6 year old dressage horses in Warendorf.  Presented by Ariane Dierkes he was second in the qualification test in Unna-Massen with a score of 8,0.

Diamond Song wins twice in Zeutern

At the big easter Grand Prix show in Zeutern our youngsters went on with great results.

The 5 year old Diamond Song by Diamond Hit/Sandro Song (breeder Christiane Olbrich, owner Christin Lang) makes big impression at his first show in 2012 and is the winner in the Dressurpferde A (8,5) and L class (8,0), in both ridden by Katrin Burger

Fifth Avenue by Florencio got a second place in the Dressurpferde M with a stunning 8,1 in the same good form as the last weeks.

Now we have to cross the fingers for the qualifications to the Bundeschampionat!

First two year old colt selected for the licensing

At the pre-selection of the Trakehner association we presented a very elegant nice moving young stallion by Insterburg/Finley M (breeder Annemarie März, Gütersloh) which was selected for the main licensing of the Trakehner association in Neumünster October 2011.

Daktylius became champion of the three year old stallions in Rastede

Daktylius by Don Romantic/De Niro won the class of the 3 year old stallions at the state championship of Oldenburg in Rastede with the amazing score of 8,75(trot 9,0; canter 9,0; walk 8,0; scale of training 9,0; conformation 8,5; temperament and harmonie 9,0).

He is also selected to present the oldenburg association at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf in september 2011.

Special Dance wins a qualification to the Bundeschampionat

Special Dance by Sandro Hit/Grundstein II (owner: Irmtraud Mönig) has won the FEI 6 year old class, a qualification to the Bundeschampionat, at the beautiful Anakenenhof near Hamburg under his rider Katrin Burger.

The final score is 8,0, what means the qualification to the 2011 Bundeschampionat in Warendorf.

Congratulations also to the breeders, the breeding company van Rompaey/Vercalsteren from Belgium, we are looking forward to meet our fans in Warendorf!

Filly by Bretton Woods born

At the 11th of June, our broodmare Zuchtstute Katharina by Feiner Stern (Kunherta-line) brought a filly by Bretton Woods (Johnson/De Niro). The first impression is very good, we are looking forward to see the movement!

Two state premium candidates in Vechta

At the mare performance test in Vechta, Rosandra byn Ron Rubin/Sandro Hit (breeder Quadriga Pferdehaltung, Radeburg) and our self bred mare Rihanna by Schufro/Rubicon xx got the title state premium candidate after a good presentation under saddle. Jazzica by Jazzman/Diamond Hit got the Verbandsprämie.

Rihanna was also selected to the Elite mare show in Rastede. We are very happy about that, as Rihanna will stay in our barn as broodmare. She is half-sister to two successful Grand Prix dressage horses (Deja vu FBW by Dr.Jackson and Garaisso by Gardez).

Daktylius licensed in Vechta

The three year old stallion Daktylius by Don Romantic/De Niro got licensed at the saddle licensing of the Oldenburg association in Vechta.

Especially the presentation under saddle improved with high ridability and very good gaits. 

Congratulations to his owner Anna von Staff-Reitzenstein, who bought Daktylius at the foal auction in Vechta.

All three mares selected for the mare performance test

All three mares we prepare in our stable this year for the mare performance test passed the first step and were selected for the mare performance test in Vechta at the beginning of june.

Es sind:

3y. mare by Ron Rubin/Sandro Hit (breeder Quadriga Pferdehaltung)

3y. mare by Jazzman/Diamond Hit (breeder Quadriga Pferdehaltung)

3y. mare by Schufro/Rubicon xx (breeder Joachim Neubert)


The season for our young horses started in Hoeven

As every year we started the season with our young horses at the big show in Höven.

Freench Queen by French Kiss did her first show ever and got a good ninth place in the Dressurpferde A under Kristin Karlisch.

In the riding horse classes Diamond Song by Diamond Hit (owned by Fam. Lang) was third, Frizzantino by Fernet (owner Lothar Merkt) was sixth and Shanghai by St.Moritz (owner Fam. Dustmann) was seventh.

Big success at the show in Zeutern

This year we returned with very big success  from our yearly visit of the easter show in Zeutern, located in our old home Baden-Württemberg.

Special Dance by Sandro Hit (owner I. Mönig) was fifth under Kristin Karlisch  in the young horse class for the five year olds with a score of 7,9. In her first competition for the six year olds Jazzqueen by Jazzman (owner Quadriga Pferdehaltung) got a fourth place with an 8,0.

Fantastic presentations had the 8year old Sandro Hit son Salazar under his owner Katrin Burger. After they won the young horse class (7 to 9 years) at fourth level they also were the winners in the Prix St.Georges with nearly 69%.


Fantastic scores for Shanghai at the mare performance test

At the hanoverian mare performance test in Hoya, Shanghai by St. Moritz/Ramiro's Son (bred by the Dustmann family, Melle), ridden by Kristin Karlisch, got outstanding scores.

In the gaits, she got 8,5 for trot, 9,0 for canter and 7,0 for walk. For ridability she got 9,0 by the judges and a full 10,0 by the testrider

Congratulations to the breeders!

New intermediate walls for our stalls

With some delay the new intermediate walls for our stalls have been finished now. It looks really nice and the horses feel quite well.

First success in 2011

At the dressage show in Vechta the 8 year old Salazar by Sandro Hit and his owner Katrin Burger started the season 2011 with a very good second place in the Prix St.Georges.

Happy New Year!

Ausbildungsstall Neubert wishes a happy new year! 

Ausbildungsstall Neubert allowed to train young professionals

Our rider Kristin Karlisch made her master test with an excellent result this fall  and was decorated with the Stensbeck plaque, the highest award you can get for that in Germany.

Congratulation for this!

Since a few days, our stable has now the official allowness to train young professional riders.

San Farina wins mare performance test

At the end of her training in our stall, the Sandro Hit doughter San Farina, bred and owned by Heike and Dieter Blessing, was the winner at the mare performance test in Ingoldstadt with an overall score of 8,07.

The single scores: trot 8,5; canter 8,5; walk 7,75; ridability 8,75. Free jumping  is not her best thing at the end, so that part has put down the overall score.

We wish San Farina ("Trixie") and her owners all the best for the planned breeding carreer and are looking forward to see the first foals.

Good results in Cappeln

At the international dressage show in Cappeln at the Vorwerk stud our three year old stallion Diamond Song by Diamond Hit (owned by Christin Lang, Karlsruhe) placed fourth with an overall result of 8,08 under Kristin Karlisch. The Sandro Hit son Special Dance became 8th in the FEI class for the 5 year old with a result of 8,1.

Dr. House wins riding horse class

Already at his second show, our future star Dr. House by Diamond Hit became the absolute winner in a riding horse class with the amazing score of 8,67. He was perfectly presented by his trainer Sandra Kötter.

San Farina gets nominated to the Bundeschampionat

The Sandro Hit/Donnerhall doughter San Farina, bred by Dieter Blessing and owned by Heike Blessing-Maurer, got the nomination to the Bundeschampionat of the four year olds by the Württemberg association.

Sir Caramello Oldenburg Vize champion

At the oldenburg state championship in Rastede Sir Caramello by Sir Oldenburg/Feiner Stern was winner in the qualification of the 3 year old stallions.

In the final he was a little unconcentrated but still reached the second place and got the nomination for the Bundeschampionat.

State championship in Baden-Württemberg

With fantastic results our horses and riders returned from the state championship in Baden-Württemberg.

Jazzqueen by Jazzman (bred and owned by Quadriga Pferdehaltungs GmbH) was under Katrin Burger winner of the black and yellow ribbon for the best five year old dressage horse and could win both classes for the five year olds.

Don Glory by Don Primero (owned by BG Neubert/Hertle) nearly qualified under Kristin Karlisch for the Bundeschampionat with a score of 7,7 and got the second place. Special Dance owned by Irmtraud Mönig was fourth in one five year old class.

In the class for the four year old mares and geldings, San Farina by Sandro Hit showed spectacular in the final with an overall score of 8,58 and became Vize champion in that class. (

De la Ronja by Dr.Jackson was sixth in the qualification with Kristin Karlisch.

In the highest dressage class of that show, the St.Georges Special, the seven year old Salazar by Sandro Hit was third under Katrin Burger.

State premiums in Vechta

Dolce Vita II by Dr.Jackson/Jazzman, trained in our stable got the state premium candidate award after her mare performance test in Vechta. Congratulations to the breeders and owners, the Quadriga Pferdehaltungs GmbH!

Qualification to the Bundeschampionat auf dem Linslerhof in Überherrn

The big dressage show at Linslerhof in Rheinland-Pfalz was our first try this year to qualify horses for this years Bundeschampionat and already two got it!

In the Qualification for the five year old dressage horses Jazzqueen by Jazzman (bred and owned by Quadriga Pferdehaltung) had still small mistakes, but a final score of 8,2 (trot 8,0; walk 8,5; canter 9,0) was the third place.

Special Dance by Sandro Hit (owner Irmtraud Mönig) became fourth with a result of 8,0 (trot 8,5; walk 8,0; canter 8,5).

Salazar by Sandro Hit became fifth in the S-dressage for 7 to 9 year old horses 

First success in 2010

Just at the first show in 2010 our horses could show good results.

The first big show outside is always in Höven and our three year old youngster Sir Caramello had to present himself on his first show ever. He did that with very good scores and was the best three year old in the championship on sunday.

In the class for the 5 year old dressage prospects Special Dance by Sandro Hit and Don Glory by Don Primero were placed.


Licensed stallion by Diamond Hit

At a special licensing, the three year old Don Cismo by Diamond Hit/Campari (bred and owned by Quadriga Pferdehaltung GmbH) got licensed by the Oldenburger Verband.